About us:

"Sweet Pieces Chocolates and Desserts" began in 1992 with two friends - one was creative and the other had a gift for sales. They formed a perfect balance and harmony bringing about a merger resulting in the birth of a chocolate company. With the enthusiasm of Lucy and Ethel on the chocolate factory assembly line (only with more success) they started creating gift baskets, providing chocolates for weddings, country clubs and restaurants.
Within a short amount of time, their signature pieces included unique, beautiful truffles and roses, marbled with a technique developed by their head chocolatier that cannot be found anywhere else. They are the ultimate signature of the company and are hard to resist.
These girls decided that they wanted to provide a personal, old-fashioned type of service at wholesale prices and they succeeded. Their customers are not just another sale or invoice, they are each special as are their confection and dessert requirements and "Sweet Pieces" is happy to facilitate their every desire.
As the business progressed, they added on a dessert menu by associating with a professional baker with her own unique ideas and talent providing the perfect blend of elegance and the appeal of a product that could have easily been baked by your grandmother. The selection of desserts that they offer, as you'll see in the photos, are as hard to resist as the extensive line of chocolates.
There is no shortage of chocolates and desserts provided by this friendly, hard working team. With items such as truffles filled with a creamy filling of decadent ganache, or the famous marbled white chocolate roses in a rainbow of colors, to their popular Palm Beach Signature Rose - a luscious pink and mint green work of art. Nor could we forget their unforgettable desserts like the delightful Frozen Lemonade Pie, or the not-so-ordinary Carrot Cake - a blend of carrot and spice and everything nice. Your every chocolate and dessert craving will be satisfied.
As "Sweet Pieces Chocolate and Desserts" continues to evolve, please join them on their journey and enjoy all of the sweet pieces they have to offer.