If dog is mans best buddy, then the chocolate dog is the ultimate friend.
Whether you are a cat person or a dog lover, we have the right treat for you.
To place an order please call or email us. Click the pictures to enlarge. 
Sweet Butterflies 
Sweet Butterflies$1.25
  Luminescent Butterflies 
Luminescent Butterflies2 / $1.00
  Butterfly Pop 
Butterfly Pop.85 cents
  Flying Butterfly 
Flying Butterfly.50 cents
SP Butterfly 
SP Butterfly.50 cents
  Beatrice Butterfly 
Beatrice Butterfly$1.50

  Sweet Bumble Bee 
Sweet Bumble Bee55 cents per piece

  Sweet Dragonfly  
Sweet Dragonfly 65 cents- 80 cents
Woof Woofs 
Woof Woofs$1.00
  Sweet St Bernard 
Sweet St Bernard$5.75

  Alfa Wolf Pop 
Alfa Wolf Pop$1.00

  Full Moon Wolf 
Full Moon Wolf75 cents
Small Brontosaurus 
Small Brontosaurus65 cents
  SP Dino 
SP Dino$1.00 per piece

  Mini Sweet Dinosaur 
Mini Sweet Dinosaur50 cents per piece

  SP Dino Pop 
Sweet Dragonfly $1.00

SP Brontosaurus Box 
SP Brontosaurus Box$6.50
  Small Chocolate Gators 
Small Chocolate Gators.50 cents
  Medium Chocolate Gator  
Medium Chocolate Gator $1.75
  Large Chocolate Gator  
Large Chocolate Gator $4.50
Bunny With Basket 
Bunny With Basket$2.00
  Lil Bunny girl 
Lil Bunny girl40 cents

  Bunny Pop 
Bunny Pop$1.00

  Choco Buffalo 
Choco Buffalo75 cents
SP Rubber Duckie 
SP Rubber Duckie$1.25
  Mini Rubber Duckie 
Mini Rubber Duckie70 cents

  Meow Meows 
Meow Meows$1.00

  Good Luck Elephant Pop 
Good Luck Elephant Pop$1.00
Majestic Choco Swan 
Majestic Choco Swan85 cents
  Carousel Horses 
Carousel Horses$1.00
  1st Place Medallion 
  SP Parrot 
SP Parrot$1.00
Precious Owls 
Precious Owls$1.00
  Precious Owls 
Precious Owls.75 cents

  Sweet Owl 
Sweet Owl$1.00

  Frog on a rock 
Frog on a rock$4.00

Lizard on a Rock 
Lizard on a Rock$4.00
  Peaceful Frog 
Peaceful Frog.50 cents

  SP Parrot 
SP Parrot.95 cents

  Sweet Alpaca 
Sweet Alpaca$1.00
Sweet Sea Turtle 
Sweet Sea Turtle.95 cents

All products come wrapped standard in cellophane bag with ribbon. Ribbon types / colors (satin, grosgrain,
organza or curling ribbon. All colors available) to be chosen by customer. Also ask us about our personalized
ribbon. All pieces are also available in an array of boxes. Please see our Boxes and Bags section.
If you don't see your specialty item, please contact one of our representatives and we'll create it for you!