Welcome to Sweet Pieces Father's Day Page. Show your loved ones
that you care and give them a sweet piece of our collection.
To place an order please call or email us. Click the pictures to enlarge. 
SP Cigars 
SP Cigars$1.00
  Chocolate Guitars 
Chocolate Guitars$1.00
  Electric Guitar 
Electric GuitarPlease call for price.
  Chocolate Wheelies 
Large Chocolate Motorcycles 
Large Chocolate Motorcycles$2.00
  Medium Chocolate Motorcycles 
Medium Chocolate Motorcycles$1.00
  Small Chocolate Motorcycles 
Small Chocolate Motorcycles.85 cents
  Sweet Pieces Classic White Truffle
Sweet Pieces Classic White Truffle.50 cents per piece
18 Karat Truffle
18 Karat Truffle.50 cents per piece
  Sweet Delight Marble Truffle
Sweet Delight Marble Truffle.50 cents per piece
  Sweet Pieces Classic Truffle
Sweet Pieces Classic Truffle.50 cents per piece
  Chocolate Moouse
Chocolate Moouse$1.50
18k Golden Rose
18k Golden Rose$1.50
  SP Saw 
SP Saw$1.75
  SP Screw Driver 
SP Screw Driver$1.00
  SP Wrench 
SP Wrench$1.00
SP Hammer 
SP Hammer$1.00
  Sweet Hammer 
Sweet Hammer$1.00
  SP Measuring Tape 
SP Measuring Tape.50 cents
  SP Plier 
SP Plier$1.00
* Discount for volume purchases, please contact for details.
** Please note, due to the individuality of our items, actual containers may vary slightly from those
    pictured on our web site. Thank you!