We have a wide variety of turn down mints , as well as our chocolate brooms which make a wonderful guest recovery product. And if you are looking for VIP chocolate boxes for your special guest please see our Concierge page. Please browse our chocolate tools, a sweet way to fix up your day.
To place an order please call or email us. Click the pictures to enlarge. 
Art Deco 
Art Deco.40 cents
  Lined Square 
Lined Square.49 cents
Rose.29 cents
  Scroll Shell 
Scroll Shell.30 cents
Scroll Top 
Scroll Top.50 cents
  Simply Square 
Simply Square.50 cents
  Swirl Disc 
Swirl Disc.18 cents
  Simply Candy Bar 
Simply Candy Bar$1.50
Sweet Sweep Broom 
Sweet Sweep Broom.75 cents
  Sweet Sweep The Second 
Sweet Sweep The Second$1.50

All products come wrapped standard in cellophane bag with ribbon. Ribbon types / colors (satin, grosgrain,
organza or curling ribbon. All colors available) to be chosen by customer. Also ask us about our personalized
ribbon. All pieces are also available in an array of boxes. Please see our Boxes and Bags section.
If you don't see your specialty item, please contact one of our representatives and we'll create it for you!