You name it, we will make it! Our custom-made chocolates come in so many varieties they’re almost too numerous to mention. To give you an idea, we can create everything from wedding favors to spa sets, or baby showers to sport themed pieces.
To place an order please call or email us. Click the pictures to enlarge. 
SP Cigars 
SP Cigars$1.00
  Indian Penny 
Indian Penny$1.40
Mushrooms.65 cents
Sunflowers.65 cents
Rose Box 
Rose Box$7.75
  Heart Box 
Heart Box$10.00
  Fan Box 
Fan Box$9.00
Sweet Light Bulbs 
Sweet Light Bulbs$1.50
Ribbons$1.00, 2/75 Cents
  Medical Symbol 
Medical Symbol$1.00
  Ice Cream Cones 
Ice Cream Cones$1.00

Hat Lady 
Hat Lady$1.00
  Heavenly Angels 
Heavenly Angels$1.00
  Mr Moonie 
Mr Moonie$1.15
  Ticket To Chocolate 
Ticket To Chocolate$1.25
Sweet Corn 
Sweet Corn2 for $1.00
  Them Choco Bones 
Them Choco Bones$4.00 per set
  Sweet Apple 
Sweet Apple$1.00
  The Choco Bot 
The Choco Bot.70 cents
All products come wrapped standard in cellophane bag with ribbon. Ribbon types / colors (satin, grosgrain,
organza or curling ribbon. All colors available) to be chosen by customer. Also ask us about our personalized
ribbon. All pieces are also available in an array of boxes. Please see our Boxes and Bags section.
If you don't see your specialty item, please contact one of our representatives and we'll create it for you!